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  1. E1 Transactions Must Be Submitted with a Pharmacy NPI Effective 1-1-2019

    Today, pharmacies can submit either their NPI or their NCPDP number as the Service Provider ID. CMS has instructed RelayHealth that effective January 1, 2019 all Medicare Part A/B and D E1 transactions can only be submitted with the pharmacy’s NPI.

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  2. SCRIPT V2017071 Certification Exam is Now Available!

    The SCRIPT V2017071 Certification Exam is now available online!

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  3. Trust Your Prescriber Data with HCIdea®

    Are you prepared to confidently back up your prescriber data source(s) when it comes to questions about Medicare Part D claims processing from CMS?

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  4. resQ™ Your Credentialing Resource for Independent Pharmacies

    resQ™ Pharmacy Credentialing Resource is the industry’s single source-of-truth for complete and current credentials and CMS CFR 455 disclosure requirements for independent pharmacies.

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