California Governor Jerry Brown issued a state of emergency due to multiple fires in Napa, Sonoma and Yuba Counties. The California State Board of Pharmacy reminds pharmacists and pharmacies about pharmacy law provisions that can be of assistance in caring for patients displaced by the emergency relocations.

    Requirements for furnishing prescription drugs, providing emergency refills without prescriber authorization and operating a mobile pharmacy in a declared emergency area are specified in California Business and Professions Code sections 4062 and 4064.

    For additional information, visit the California State Board of Pharmacy, or call (916) 574-7900.
    Emergency Preparedness Refill Too Soon Edit Override 
    Reminder: In August 2016, NCPDP members approved the most effective method for overriding refill too soon type reject during a disaster: using the Submission Clarification Code 13 - Payer-Recognized Emergency/Disaster Assistance Request. The pharmacist is indicating that an override is needed based on an emergency/disaster situation recognized by the payer. Access more information on Emergency Preparedness at:

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