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  1. SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations Guide Updated

    The SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations document version 1.45 has been published.

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  2. NCPDP UPI Moves Forward to Support Trading Partners’ Efforts to Improve Patient Safety

    The NCPDP Universal Patient Identifier is well on its path to supporting industry stakeholders in addressing patient safety, financial and operational challenges across the U.S. healthcare ecosystem.

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  3. Call for Participation: 3 New MC Task Groups

    The following new task groups in Maintenance and Control (MC) are seeking members to participate.

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  4. Looking for a Simpler Way to Update Telecommunication Version D.0 Standard Values?

    The October 15, 2018, annual Telecommunication ECL implementation is just around the corner.

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  5. Put an End to Pay-and-Chase and Protect Your Business from Fraud Waste & Abuse with NCPDP’s Comprehensive Data Solutions

    The formation of the Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit; CMS “Opioid Misuse Strategy 2016” announcement; and the Opioid Crisis Act of 2018, made stopping fraud and abuse a top priority across the healthcare industry.

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