NCPDP, the Source of SCRIPT, hosted two webinars this fall to help you Get on the Fast Track to SCRIPT V2017071. The webinars are now available on demand:

    What is XML and How is it Used in ePrescribing?
    Learn more about how NCPDP’s SCRIPT Standard is developed and how Extensible Markup Language, or XML, is used in ePrescribing standards. NCPDP Technical Analysts, Teresa Strickland and Paul Wilson, show how to view, read and interpret XML in ePrescribing standards. Click here for more information.

    The Next SCRIPT Version: What is Changing, What to Expect, and What to Do About It
    As the industry prepares for the January 1, 2020 implementation date for SCRIPT V2017071, many ePrescribing vendors have started devising their product update plans. Regardless of where your organization is in its planning, this webinar is dedicated to getting you on the path to a successful implementation.  Click here for more information.

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