NCPDP, the problem solving forum for healthcare and ANSI-accredited standards development organization, celebrated its 40th Anniversary last night with an Open House and Building Naming Ceremony to Honor its three founders, Benjamin D. Ward, Charles D. Pulido, R.Ph., and Edward D. Spearbeck.

    The event closed out a year-long celebration of the work of NCPDP members who represent virtually every stakeholder group in the pharmacy/healthcare industry. NCPDP President, Lee Ann Stember, explained, “Through NCPDP standards and industry guidance, we touch the lives of all patients, making an indelible impact at the critical juncture between diagnosis and treatment. Our solutions support healthcare providers, putting important information at their fingertips so they can make better informed decisions with us about our care. Our standards simplify and streamline administrative transactions and help avert fraud and abuse. Our industry guidance extends beyond the realm of standards to support emergency preparedness efforts and make medication dosing safer, and so much more.”

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