1. There is an Easier Way to Collect CMS 455 Pharmacy Disclosure and Credentialing Requirements

    resQ™ now with 20,000+ credentialed independent and chain pharmacy profiles

    NCPDP’s resQ™ Pharmacy Credentialing Resource can help reduce time ad resources needed to achieve compliance with CMS Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), specifically 42 CFR 455.104, 455.105 and 455.106 that require providers who are entering into or renewing a provider agreement to disclose to managed care organizations that contract with Medicare/Medicaid Agencies:

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  2. CMS Adopts NCPDP SCRIPT Standard in Medicare Part D Updates

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued its final rule with updates to Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D.

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  3. March 2018 Republication of the Telecommunication Standard Version F2

    Telecommunication Version F2 was republished to correct the length and data type of Prior Authorization ID Submitted (462-EV) in Section 25.1.2. The republication is available in the Member Portal of the NCPDP website, under Standards Lookup.

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  4. Republication of the SCRIPT/Specialized Schema and Example Documents for Version 2017071

    Due to reported issues with the 2017071 schema, Version 20170712 has been republished. The issues corrected included:

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  5. NCPDP Standards Table Data Now Available to Members!

    NCPDP Standards Table Data provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for updating and maintaining your NCPDP Standards’ values and definitions.

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