Following the Maintenance and Control Work Group (WG) approval of the Project Development Form for a Real Time Prescription Benefit Standard, the Standardization Committee met to approve the Project Development Form and recommended the formation of a new task group to address the creation of a single standard. This single standard will be supported by both Telecommunication and SCRIPT standard syntaxes. The new task group will focus on clearly defined goals which will lead to this achievement. The Project Development Form and recommendation were reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

    We sincerely appreciate all of the work and countless hours the current task group members have put into the use case development and related efforts. These use cases will serve as the foundation for the new task group's direction. Therefore, we need representatives on the new task group with knowledge of the Telecommunication Standard as well as the SCRIPT Standard. 
    We are very excited about the future of a Real Time Prescription Benefit Standard and look forward to working with you as we begin developing this new standard. The formation of the new task group will occur at the May Maintenance and Control WG meeting.

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