The SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations document version 1.41 has been published.  It is available on the website to members through Standards Lookup in the Member Portal and also on the public ePrescribing page under NCPDP Resources. Updates include the following recommendations from the August work group meetings:

    • Two new Frequently Ask Questions were added:
      • RxHistory Request From a Hospital; and
      • Pharmacist Initiated Electronic Prior Authorization.
    • New Section: Triggering of Biologic or Biosimilar Substitution was added.
    • Updated Section: Clarification of Numeric Representation for decimal formats.
    • Removed references to WG11 Prescription Requirements Task Group.
    • Clarified language in Section: RxChange.
    • Updated language in Section: EHR and Prescribing System Vendors for the use of the Unspecified Quantity Unit Of Measure.  

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