Encouraging Collaboration through MOUs

NCPDP has Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) or reciprocal agreements with other organizations to further the goal of advancing the acceptance and use of standards within healthcare. These are independent, non-profit organizations, which share the vision of improved healthcare through standards. NCPDP has MOUs with the following:

NCPDP also has an MOU with: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP); and ASTM International.

General Terms of Reciprocal Organization Agreements

• A reciprocal attendee is one who may or may not hold membership in the reciprocal organization;
• If the reciprocal attendee holds membership in the reciprocal organization, when providing input/comments/responses, the attendee must clearly state the organization they are representing;
• Reciprocal attendees may attend reciprocal organization meetings, at the reciprocal organizations member rates or fees;
• Reciprocal attendees must abide by the reciprocal organization’s operating procedures;
• Reciprocal attendees must not vote on reciprocal organization’s items (including during meetings) when representing NCPDP;
• Reciprocal attendees must not distribute proprietary standards or documents;
• Reciprocal attendees to NCPDP meetings may request work group meeting specific work documents (such as Data Element Request Forms (DERFs), New Project Development Forms, ballot adjudication documents, or products specifically listed for a work group for that session) from NCPDP’s Standards Development staff;