Why should you be NCPDP certified?

The NCPDP Certification Program provides members and qualifying non-members, an opportunity to obtain a distinguished certification based on the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of implementing NCPDP Standards accurately and effectively.

NCPDP’s Certifications not only allow you to gain the knowledge you need to advance your career, but are designed to help professionals like you, achieve and showcase industry-recognized levels of proficiency and mastery of specific NCPDP standards.

  • Validate your specialized knowledge
  • Increase confidence in your abilities
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your specialty
  • Increase professional opportunities

Click here for the Certification Directory to verify who is NSC-II certified.

Current Certification Exams Offered

Certification SCRIPT V2017071

The SCRIPT Standard V2017071 exam is available online via Microsoft Forms! The exam will aid in implementing this version of SCRIPT, which CMS adopted effective January 1, 2020.

The NCPDP SCRIPT V2017071 Certification Exam is based on the use and practice of the new version of the SCRIPT Standard. This certification exam is composed of 119 questions (multiple choice, multiple selection, and true/false) and must be completed within 120 minutes.

Telecommunication VF6

The NCPDP Telecommunication Standard VF6 Certification Exam is coming soon! The exam will aid in implementing this version of Telecom and is based on the use and practice of the new version of the standard.

This certification is composed of 136 questions (multiple choice, multiple selection, and true/false) and must be completed within 150 minutes (2.5 hours).


Eligibility Requirements

Any current NCPDP member in good standing or any "qualifying" non-member* is eligible to take the Certification Exam and become NCPDP Certified.

"Qualifying" non-members are eligible to take the certification exam and become certified. To qualify, non-members must be recommended by an NCPDP member in their organization. Each NCPDP member can have up to 3 "qualifying" non-members registered under their NCPDP member number.

To recommend a non-member in your organization, please submit their name, email, and exam selection here. Once this is complete, your "qualifying" non-member will receive an email with directions for registering online for the exam. Since non-members of NCPDP do not have access to the standards, the referring NCPDP member may need to assist by sharing information to study for the exam. A study guide is available to help each test tester focus on specific areas of the standard.

Certification Exam Fees

The cost per each NCPDP Certification exam for members is $325 and $575 for qualifying non-members. Please be sure to read our cancellation and change exam policies. Refer to Eligibility Requirements to determine if you are a qualifying non-member.

SCRIPT Exam Preparation Tools

We have made available two test aides for reference when taking the SCRIPT Standard V2017071 exam, making it easier for you to prepare for the exam. Now, you don’t have to memorize every detail of the SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations document and V2017071 of the Standard because both files will be viewable when taking the exam. Test takers must be familiar with the two documents to find the answers to questions in a timely manner as search functionality is not available.

Take advantage of our on-demand webinars, "The Next SCRIPT Version: What is Changing, What is Next, and What to Do About It", and "What is XML and How is it Used in ePrescribing?" to help you become more familiar with the SCRIPT Standard.