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  1. WEBINAR: Using Telecomm to Streamline MME Dosing Rejection & Response Workflows

    In response to new CMS rules regarding opioid prescribing for Medicare beneficiaries, which took effect January 1, 2019, NCPDP provided new guidance in its Telecommunication Version D and Above Questions, Answers and Editorial Updates document to illustrate how to use the Telecommunication Standard’s transactions to properly prescribe opioids based on these new rules.

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  2. NCPDP SCRIPT Standard V2017071 and Version 10.6 Crosswalk Republication

    The NCPDP SCRIPT Standard V2017071 and Version 10.6 crosswalk used to assist implementers in the migration to the SCRIPT Standard V2017071 has been republished.

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  3. MC Task Group Seeks Input on ONC Document

    The NCPDP Maintenance and Control Education, Legislation and Regulations Task Group is seeking input and feedback from NCPDP members. The deadline for commenting on both regulations is May 3, 2019.

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  4. NEW! NCPDP Ballot Process and Timeline

    To provide a high-level view of the annual NCPDP Standards Data Maintenance process, a one-page general overview document has been developed.

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  5. Collaborative Workspace Improvements Scheduled for March 29th

    The Collaborative Workspace upgrade is scheduled to occur beginning in the afternoon of March 29th through the early evening of March 31st.

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