An overview of work group materials is available online. Attendees are encouraged to review and print the work group materials prior to the work group meetings as the documents will not be distributed on site. Some documents are still being developed and have yet to be uploaded. Please re-check the materials online shortly before the work group meetings.

    The Data Element Request Forms (DERFs) are available to view and download on the MC Maintenance and Control page. With discussion time being limited, members can get a head start reviewing the DERFs prior to the work group meetings. Please note: DERF 001739/ECL 000316 has been added to the MC Maintenance and Control page and the 201908 DERF zip file.
    A spreadsheet categorizing all DERF information, for example, (Number, Assigned Work Group, Request and Submitter Name/email) is located in the DERF zip file.

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