Enrollment in the 2019 Consensus Group begins on Monday, January 14, 2019, and ends on Monday, February 15, 2019.

    On January 14, 2019, NCPDP will announce the start of Consensus Group registration and provide a link for enrollment.

    The Consensus Group is open to NCPDP members and all persons who express an interest in commenting on ballots related to standards development activities. NCPDP members in good standing who wish to participate in the 2019 Consensus Group may do so without charge. There is an annual charge for non-NCPDP members.

    • Participants must enroll each year.
    • Members of the Consensus Group are expected to review and vote on all new ballots released within the calendar year and follow those ballots through to completion.
    • One does not have to be a member of the Consensus Group in order to participate in the Data Maintenance Ballot process.
    For more information, email Terry Fortin.

For problems with the site please contact us at webmaster@ncpdp.org