The web-based Data Dictionary and External Code List (ECL) tool includes an option to search the publication modifications for “All Years.” The Data Dictionary’s history of publication modifications is dated 1999 to the present.

    The ECL’s history of publication modifications start at 2004 to the present.

    At the default page displayed upon accessing the Data Dictionary or ECL, click on the arrow (triangle) to the left of Publication Modifications in the left frame of the screen. A list of years and an option of “All Years” will display.

    Click “All Years” to search the history of publication modifications. Because of the amount of content, expect several seconds for the data to load and the right frame to display “Publication Modifications from All Years.” The history is ordered oldest to newest. To search the content, press the Ctrl+F keys to open the Search/Find bar in your browser and then type your search criteria, for example, key words, field name or field number.

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