NCPDP President & CEO Lee Ann Stember is a guest author this month in MGMA Executive View, a monthly Medical Group Practice Association (MGMA) member-benefit newsletter covering high-level industry topics of interest to healthcare executives.

    MGMA is the premier association for professionals who lead medical practice.

    The article, titled “The practice manager’s impetus for a real-time prescription benefit standard,” provides an overview of NCPDP’s Real-Time Prescription Benefit Standard and its benefits to providers and patients. The BETA version of the Standard was approved at NCPDP’s August Work Group Meetings in Philadelphia. Lee Ann shares how widespread adoption of the Standard will strengthen the provider-patient relationship by providing real-time prescription drug information and patients’ out-of-pocket costs — at the point of care and within providers’ workflows.

    Since 1926, through data, people, insights, and advocacy, MGMA empowers medical group practices to innovate and create meaningful change in healthcare. With a membership of more than 45,000 medical practice administrators, executives, and leaders, MGMA represents more than 12,500 organizations of all sizes, types, structures and specialties that deliver almost half of the healthcare in the United States. 

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