Congratulations to Valerie Ray on obtaining her NCPDP SCRIPT Standard V2017071 Certification!

    Valerie is the Epic Bridges certified interface analyst at Kaiser Permanente, Washington. She is responsible for implementing and supporting the ePrescribing interfaces for both their clinical and pharmacy systems. Not having a pharmacy background, she utilized the NCPDP certification opportunity to improve her education regarding the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard, especially in light of the upcoming SCRIPT Standard V2017071 implementation for January 1, 2020.

    An additional and noteworthy benefit she discovered was that this certification significantly complimented and aligned with the information learned from the Epic ePrescribing Badge she had also recently obtained.
    Become an industry expert, like Valerie, today! The SCRIPT V2017071 Certification Exam is available online and the next in-person exam session will be held during our February Work Group meetings in San Antonio, TX.
    For additional information, including study materials, and to register, visit the Certification page of our website. If you have questions, email Brian Goerlich or call 480.477.1000, ext. 109.

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