The first meeting of NCPDP’s new work group, WG18 Specialty Pharmacy, convened last Friday during our August work group meetings.

    We had attendance of over 200 participants, including non-members and some of our newest members who joined specifically to participate in this work group. Thirteen attendees introduced themselves as first time attendees to an NCPDP work group meeting.

    During the meeting, WG18 Co-Chairs, Poojah Babbrah of Point-of-Care Partners, Julie Hessick of CoverMyMeds, LLC, and Laura Topor of Granada Health, Inc., provided a recap of the Specialty Pharmacy Stakeholder Action Group (SAG) meetings that were held in February and May 2018. They also reviewed specialty process flows and opportunities for standardization, inviting attendees to provide feedback. The work group attendees engaged in a productive discussion about workflows from various stakeholder perspectives, the need to focus on the patient and the patient journey, and which other stakeholders and organizations need to participate in this work group.

    An overview of existing NCPDP Specialty Task Groups was also presented. Task group announcements include: WG7 Specialty Pharmacy Data Exchange Sub-Task Group will move out of WG7 Manufacturer and Associated Trading Partner Transaction Standards and become a task group under WG18. Laura Topor leads the task group; we are seeking additional co-leads for this task group. WG11 Specialty Requirements for ePrescribing Task Group will move out of WG11 ePrescribing and Related Transactions and become a task group under WG18; the new co-leads for this task group are Michele Kidd, Accredo, and Maggie Buchinger, Surescripts.

    In addition, two new task groups were formed in WG18 Specialty Pharmacy:

    • The Stakeholder Outreach and Education Task Group was created to provide outreach to Specialty Pharmacy stakeholders and develop and execute education opportunities. Co-leads: Lisa Cline of CoverMyMeds, LLC, and Michelle Wong of Pharmetika.
    • The Benefit Coverage Identification Task Group was created to address the areas of opportunity related to determining if coverage is through the medical or pharmacy benefit. Co-leads: Jocelyn Keegan of Point-of-Care Partners and Jason Reed of CenterX. 
    WG18 approved its scope and goals, which will now go to the Standardization Committee and Board of Trustees for approval.

    The next in-person meeting of WG18 will take place during our November work group meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina. Watch for registration information coming later this month. In the interim, make sure to visit the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace to register for WG18 task groups, view the calendar for task group calls and for working documents and call notes.

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