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Emergency Preparedness

This page provides guidance to the pharmacy industry for resources available during a declared emergency. The intended audience is healthcare industry providers who would need resource information for eligibility and claims processing affecting displaced individuals.

Pharmacies Reporting Statuses

New temporary pharmacies at places of refuge may obtain NCPDP IDs and NPIs from NCPDP at no cost. Existing pharmacies may provide information as to their current status.

If you are an authorized representative of a pharmacy and have information about a pharmacy impacted by a disaster, please contact NCPDP Provider Data Services through one of the following methods: log into accessonline.ncpdp.org call 480.734.2870 or send an email to pharmacyhelp@ncpdp.org. You will be asked information about the status of the pharmacy. For a list of questions, click on the NCPDP Emergency Preparedness Guidance and look under section "Reporting of Impacted Locations to NCPDP Pharmacy Database Processes" for information you will be asked. 

For new temporary pharmacies:

  • Provide NCPDP with your Legal Business Name, physical address, telephone, Relationship ID (affiliation code), Tax ID (EIN), pharmacy class (chain, independent, government, other), open date, and your contact name, email address, phone and extension.

For pharmacies evacuated or temporarily closed:

  • Provide your pharmacy NCPDP (NABP) ID, Name, Relationship ID (affiliation code if assigned), status (inactive), date of status, physical address, contact name and phone, contact email. You may update your status with NCPDP at any time 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Healthcare Ready

Healthcare Ready partners are committed to working together with local, state and federal officials as well as volunteer organizations to help support the continued delivery of medicines to people who need them in the event of such an emergency – whether it is caused by a natural disaster, terrorist incident or health emergency such as a pandemic.

PhRMA's Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT)

The PhRMA helps uninsured and financially struggling patients who lack prescription coverage get access to prescription assistance programs that offer medicines for free or nearly free.


NCPDP Industry Guidance

NCPDP's Emergency Preparedness Committee has created a document that provides guidance for the pharmacy industry for resources available during a declared emergency. While there were many areas that needed improvement in reacting to a disaster based on this committee's experience, and there are many aspects to a disaster, it was suggested that there were some actions the NCPDP community could provide for future disasters. The document will be updated as more information becomes available.